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 Tips For Parsvakonasana

Recently I’ve been going to this boot camp class with my cousin. The instructor is this awesome 63 year old woman who is a former body builder and has something like 3% body fat. Her classes are INTENSE (gross understatement), and I’ve been feeling extra achy and stiff. If you’re feeling the same and need some relief this is the pose to try. Extended side angle pose (aka parsvakonasana) is great for relieving low back pain and sciatica. It also strengthens and stretches the legs, knees and ankles, and helps open up the shoulders, chest, and groin. And, my personal favorite benefit is that it strengthens the obliques. Breathe in it for 5-7 breaths and move on to the other side. Hope it helps! Read more …


Dandasana Staff pose

Source : Yogabycandace.com


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